Sunday, January 6, 2013

ClixSense vs NeoBux

ClixSense vs NeoBux
Which is better?

 This post is a comparison between the two best most popular Pay-To-Click (PTC) Websites on the web.

These sites were launched in 2007 and paying their members instantly since that date.

Neobux specs:

Low referral renting and recycling fees;
Lots of ads through the day;
Helpful toolbar;
Huge community and well organized forum.

Clixsense specs:

8 tier referral program;
Sign up comissions;
Earning game opportunity (Clix Grid);
Earings toolbar.

Now, make sure to be signed up for both of them, if you are not you can simply click the following links:


How to earn through each of them.


This is a very powerfull PTC who got members earning around $2500 pure profit a month. Incredible isn't it? Well, the truth is that anyone can get a monthly profit of $1000 in just a few months, but that would require a huge investment and some years to get the investment back.
If you don't have any money to invest, don't worry, I didn't needed that.
The first thing to do is to download the toolbar and have it installed in your browser, this will allow you to be alerted each time a new ad is available to click. If you spend lots of time surfing, then you'll easily afford to rent your first referrals.
After you get your first $0.60 I recommend you to rent your first 3 rented referral pack, and after that try to afford to extend them for 150 or 240 days, then repeat the process until you get as many referrals as you wish.
Recomendation: Recycle any referral with an average below 0.6 who does not click for 5 days.
All this process may sound a little boring, but after the first months you'll see your earnings flow and get more enthusiastic.


This PTC it is a little different from Neobux as you will not be able to rent any referrals but you still have the possibility to download his toolbar to help you get many ads through the day.
My advise for you here is to invite all of your friends into this community where you'll find many flash games and a grid (ClixGrid) where you can try your luck to earn some prizes that can go up to $5!
This is a great website because you can afford commissions from your referrals purchases and from their referrals up to an 8 tier downline.
Why is that so good?
Easy to answer, let's imagine you get 100 referrals and each one get 1 referral and that repeating for the next 6 tiers, that means that you'll earn from 800 referrals instead of 100. Can you imagine how much you can earn a day from them? That's a lot of money a day, believe it.

Neobux VS Clixsense Strategy!

Let's see how it is possible to maximize your earnings combining these two awesome and trusted websites.

At this point you already realized that you need referrals to have REAL EARNINGS, right? Let's focus on this: Not every Neobux member is a Clixsense member and vice versa, so, if both of them are advertising places, why not spend some of your earnings advertising each other?
That's right! That means that you'll be advertising and earning referrals for free!!
Attention: If you already rented some referrals in Neobux, don't forget that you need to keep some earnings to extend them.
How much will you spend advertising?
That depends on you, but you are in the perfect places to do that!
Neobux offers you the possibility to advertise for as low as $5 and at Clixsense for only $2.35!! Want it easier then that??

That's all for now, click, rent and advertise until you get as many daily income as you wish, and all of this can start today and with NO COST!!

For me, I might prefer ClixSense over NeoBux, because its easier to earn in ClixSense if you have referals. But I still use both
What are you waiting for?
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